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  • You Can’t Satisfy Everyone All The Time

    Previously on Huffington. When you’re running your own business, there are times when you will not be able to satisfy your client. When those times occur your job will be to either: Identify those people in advance and steer clear or Do everything in your power, and within project spec/scope, in order to satisfy them […]

  • Cleaning Up Audio

    The situation: So you just got a dialog track created for the production you’re working and you want to prep it to be used in a cut of the film. The Question:  What do you do to prepare it? It’s rather simple and today I’m going to give you a few simple steps in order […]

  • Voice Over vs Dialogue

    Okay, here’s the deal – I’m an editor and engineer who also happens to do voice over and on camera acting occasionally so I’m especially suited to talk about this topic. Voice over is recorded in a sound booth or sometimes a sound stage (if you need room tone applied to the track already) and […]

  • Dialogue and Listening

    When you begin to mix and master your track you will use the dialogue of the film you’re working on as a reference upon which you’re going to set all of your other levels. Now, this may change when you’re dealing with a scene based on just an instrumental or any kind of scene where […]

  • Headroom and Gain Staging

    The first thing we’re going to talk about in this lesson is Headroom and Gain Staging Remember, when you’re working on any audio project you may not be the first or last person working on the audio or video. This especially applies to voice over. Headroom is the amount of range we have available to […]

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