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Justin Fraction has done work for several major brands and most recently for: ESPN, Johnson and Johnson, McDonalds, The Brooklyn Nets, Hewlett Packard. He has worked on everything from smart phone apps to The New Testament. He is also currently the voice of two radio stations and of a full featured, five star rated, translation app. Justin has also been a guest speaker at The Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Point Park University.

After attending film school Justin Fraction worked for several different television networks and TV series as a casting and production associate such as ABC, ESPN, MTV and VH-1. He credits his background in television production for providing him with a firm understanding of: running up and down a football field behind a camera, guarding craft services tables, carrying large pieces of very expensive equipment back and forth, running through doorways holding large stacks of tapes, editing things at 4 AM on no sleep, not burning himself on hot lights, not electrocuting himself with wires and of course keeping cool under pressure and tight deadlines.

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