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Q&A: Has the journey been worth it?

Student Question:

How long did it take you to become financially independent in voiceover work? In the grand scheme of things, Has the journey been worth it?


It’s a tricky question because it really is different for everyone.

I could have survived doing only voice over 4 years ago so I’d say 6 years. However, a lot of that was only because I didn’t entirely know what I was doing when I started. There were many things people didn’t tell me or that I had to learn on my own. Ten years ago I was working with a wonderful voice actress who couldn’t take me the distance in teaching me what I needed to learn.

Those were wasted years, IMHO and a lot of wasted money.

I think I mentioned that some people will try to rope you into class after class after class but never really help you go beyond “taking a class.”

However, before that I was an actor who also worked in film and tv production. I went to school for that. That comes into play now when I have to produce things on my own. Prior to that I was a radio personality. Prior to that I was interning a TV network.

Someone physically saw me in an acting class, pulled me out of it and said, “Hey I’m going to help you and hold your hand through this.” The rest was up to me
Now, I could survive and thrive doing just voice over work.

However, I still do more than that because I’m a creative and I just need various outlets.

Everyone’s story is different. So I hate to say, “this is what happened for me”/”this is how long it took me” because that’s my journey. A unique set of circumstances occurred that put me on the right path. What that did allow me to do was to be able to say to people, “Okay find a mentor that believes in you because if you don’t, you will get side tracked” or even “This is something that people won’t tell you so you should know this.”

On the other hand there are things that most of us all have in common so those things I can talk about as well.

Your path will be faster if you continually work with the right people but I think that’s true of all forms of acting.

Was it worth it?

Yes, it was. I was talking to a friend who is a writer for a couple of magazines and after I described to him the things I work on week after week he said, “It seems like you should be happy!”

However, I still want to do more. I want to keep climbing and I think that’s an indicator that for me there is a continued career path that I’m on and I’m willing to travel along it.

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